In the pre-show Showcase match we saw a draw between both Team Lions Den Pro - Plymouth & ASW South as the match went to time!
Alex Vaughan got the win over UK Legend James Mason after using Head Official Rory White as a distraction to roll Mason up for the win. Vaughan continues to use Rory White as a pawn in his plans.
Axel Carter defeated the debuting James Ellis
Sid Oakley once again sneaks away with the SWW Openweight Championship after surprise ringside enforcer Harrison Bennett interjected himself into the match to stop Oakley hitting Flynn Burden with a chair. After a tussle with the chair Bennett hit Oakley with the chair causing a disqualification. Where does Flynn go from here?
Zak Knight and Charlie Sterling went to a no contest as both men were counted out after all hell broke loose!
The Professionals Eddie Ryan & Joel Redman retained the SWW Tag Team Championships against the odds beating the debuting teams of The Meat Grinder and Knight Rippers.
L A Taylor earned herself a cash-in contract for the SWW Warriors Championship at any time of her choosing, but the victory was bitter sweet as the match was waved off after Ruby Manitoba suffered an injury.
In our main event, Chris Bronson retained the SWW Heavyweight Championship against Toby St John. St John put up one hell of a battle, but once again Bronson found a way to put down the Farm Strong challenger with a Shire's Kiss to the belt. With this St John will no longer be able to ever challenge for the championship.
During Bronson's celebration we had a surprise live feed from one JJ Gale. JJ has not forgotten how Bronson cheated him out of the title back in October and has announced that he will face the debuting Leyton Buzzard at Walking TALL in Stroud on April 28th in a #1 contenders match with the winner going onto Wrestleversary IV to challenge Bronson for the title.​​​​​​​

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