Find out the winners and losers from each show here, alongside some incredible shots of all the action from the show!
JJ Gale defeated Chris Bronson to become the NEW SWW Heavyweight Champion. After the match SWW Owner Pete Bainbridge presented JJ with the brand new SWW Championship!
Aluna - Wrestler overcame the power of L A Taylor, and the smarts of Charlie Morgan (accompanied by Jetta) to become the NEW SWW Warriors Champion!
Flynn Burden finally got the win over Sid Oakley in a heavy-hitting Camden Street Fight to become the NEW SWW Openweight Champion!
The Professionals found retribution as they defeated The Blockbusters to regain the SWW Tag Team Championships!
In a thrilling BritPro match, Johnny Kidd and James Mason both went the distance ending in a draw meaning both men gain Jim Breaks Memorial Shield in its first annual match.
Bullit defeated Iestyn Rees in one hell of a beefy fight!
SWW Commissioner Mr. Fox defeated the debuting and Love Island star Adam Maxted!
In our pre-show cross promotional battle royal, Head SWW Official Rory White won after he eliminated Evolution Wrestling's Liam Jones and Alex Vaughan.
Thank you all so much for making Wrestleversary IV such a special evening. We couldn't have asked for a better crowd and better matches.
Walking TALL Results
SWW Commissioner Mr. Fox announced Simon Miller would not be appearing as he is "running scared" in America. Dinger Bane then made a surprise appearance only to lose to the underhanded tactics of our sly commissioner.
Alex Vaughan once again used SWW Head Official Rory White to his advantage to pick up the win over the debuting Kelly Sixx
SWW Openweight Champion Sid Oakley & Gilligan Gordon picked up an underhanded win following a low blow and rope assisted rollup on Flynn Burden and Harrison Bennett kept away by Gilligan. After the match an enraged Flynn Daddy delivered a clear message to Oakley as he chokeslam'd Gilligan in the centre of the ring with the help of Bennett
NIWA picked up a strong victory over Country Big
Simon Quest and Dan Splash went to a no contest following a brutal showing from Quest. Dinger Bane came to Splash's aid before SWW Commissioner Mr. Fox announced that at Wrestleversary IV there will be a SWW Wrestling Vs. Evolution Wrestling Battle Royal
Tilly Rose picked up the win against Aluna, L A Taylor, and Echo, but we were left seeing Aluna and Taylor realising that in a multi warrior match anyone can pick up the win and that SWW Warriors Champion can just as easily win the match at Wrestleversary
In an incredible tag team match we witnessed the 518 day reign of The Professionals end as we crowned new SWW Tag Team Champions, The Blockbusters! Whilst many will not say it was a fair victory, Jordan Sparkes & Toby St John walk away with the COGs firmly in their grasp!
Our main event saw a #1 Contenders Match for a shot at Chris Bronson and his SWW Heavyweight Championship in the main event at Wrestleversary IV between A Brendan White and JJ Gale. In a hard fought contest with both giving everything they had we can now confirm JJ GALE is heading to the main event of Wrestleversay IV to face "The Stallion" for the title!
GALE V BRONSON 2 is happening!
We can't thank a SOLD OUT crowd at The Sub Rooms enough for one hell of a show, and the FINAL STOP before South West Wrestling Presents: Wrestleversary IV
SWW Commissioner Mr. Fox opened the show to bring our the teams competing for the #1 Contenders spot against The Professionals.

Dinger Bane & Saime Sahin defeat The 114 to advance to the finals of the tournament.

The Blockbusters defeat New Vision to advance to the finals. After the match The Blockbusters attacked New Vision until Bane & Sahin came out to set-up the final match in the main event!

Flynn Burden defeats Gilligan Gordon

Charlie Morgan defeats Ruby Manitoba in the a special challenge match

Mr. Fox defeats Lucian Phillips and Joey Seven

The Blockbusters defeat Bane & Sahin to become #1 Contenders for the SWW Tag Team Championships.

Later The Blockbusters announced in an interview with Johners that they will challenge for the titles at Walking TALL on April 28th in Stroud!​​​​​​​

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